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Categories Tenants 10th January 2020

Tips for Finding the Right Housemates and the Best Properties

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January is the time when students need to be thinking about their housing arrangements for the next academic year. Even though September feels a long way off, if you want to make sure you’re with the right housemates and the best property, you need to start looking at options now. Here are our tips for students leaving halls of residence and heading into the private rented market:

Consider Your Housemate Options

Start thinking about who you'd like to live with, who you'd tolerate living with, and who you would never want to live with. 

1. Current Housemates

If you’ve been sharing a kitchen in halls with them for the last few months, you’ll have likely built up a picture of which of your current housemates you could take on a house-share with. 

2. Societies and Clubs

Whether you’re into cocktails, comic books, quizzing or quidditch, having an interest in common is a great indicator that you will get on with someone. Keep an eye out for potential housemates at social events.

3. Course Mates

Everybody needs a study buddy. Someone who will share their notes with you when you miss a lecture, revise with you before that important exam, and remind you of essay deadlines. How convenient it would be if they also lived in your house?

Start Looking for Appropriate Properties

Once you’ve got your group together, the next step is to start searching for your perfect property:

1. Discuss Your Group Needs

What part of the city do you want to live in? Does everyone need a double room or will someone settle for a single? Do you need parking facilities? A garden? A dishwasher? How many bathrooms do you require? Remember you might need to make some compromises.

2. University List

Around this time of year, your University will publish a list of approved properties. Have a look at properties suitable for the size of your group. There are typically many more smaller properties, so if you are a big group you will need to take action quickly.

3. Search Online

Online property search websites such as Rightmove list rental properties. You can filter your search by factors such as radius from a particular location, number of bedrooms, or budget. Remember you are looking for properties available later in the year not right now! Don’t ignore independent agents’ websites (hint: if you’re reading this, you’re already on one!)

4. Organise a Visit

To get a proper feel for a property, you are going to have to visit it in person. What’s the neighbourhood like? Where are the local amenities? Is there a good cycle route to campus?

5. Express an Interest

Found a property that meets your needs and you all like? Let the agent know as soon as possible. They will guide you through the next steps.

If you are a responsible student looking for a well-maintained home to rent in Norwich for the next academic year, please get in touch. You can email us on or call our office on 01603 980770.

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